Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I am still trying to raise funds for our cats health care and Vetting.  I have created a code RESCUE20 to offer 20% off of all the items in Both my handmade shop on Etsy and my Vintage shop. the shops are:

I create and design handcrafted Jewelry, mini quilts and wall hangings and embroidery art.  I do this because I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraine and several other "hidden" syndromes which prevent me from being able to get and maintain a "regular" job. I also enjoy crafting and have for my lifetime.  I also run my own website for people to be able to purchase my creations without having to have an Etsy account.

I have always had a passion for animals, and I am a caregiver to 7 indoor cats, 9 feral cats, 2 Macaws, 2 Bearded Dragons and 2 Ferrets. Most all of them have been rescues.  I enjoy all of them, as each one has it's own personality.

I enjoy doing what I do, because I can do it at my own pace, and don't have any deadlines to meet.  I Love Native American Culture as well as Oriental Cultures and this shows in some of my works.  My mother dabbled in ceramics, painting, leather craft, basket weaving, knitting, sewing and quilting.  My father has worked with wood and built guns from scratch, so I guess my creativity and Love of the art of crafting comes from both of them. 

I really don't know much about blogging, so I stop in from time to time just to write to myself, I guess. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Please Purchase Handmade to Help with Cat Vetting

I hope you all don't mind me posting this... I am asking for help for one of my babies. Our little princess kitty, Annie had bladder surgery to remove stones in September, and hasn't been the same since. She has been back to the Vet several times and we can't figure out why she has become anti social and afraid of the world ever since. We can run more bloodwork to see if we can figure out anything internally, but we don't have the funds right now. I have Lowered prices on LOTS of my items on Etsy and am also offering 10% off everything purchased from my shop. I have Handmade Quilts, Jewelry and More... If you could Please take a look and maybe buy something Handmade, I would appreciate it. I am trying to promote and sell as much as I can to raise funds to get additional help from the Vet to see if we can figure out what is going on with her. Please check out my Etsy shop at:, or if you don't have an Etsy account, you can purchase from my website at
Thanks in advance for looking! Every purchase will help to reach my goal of $400 for Vetting...Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I am a crafter who has been quilting for 13 years.  I've always had luck selling items I have made on Ebay, but I have decided that I'd rather have my own website to list all of my creations and not have to pay someone a percentage of everything I list.  I have sold a few pieces on Etsy as well, but it's so large and hard to get buyers there.  I've had people tell me it's too confusing too.  I'd like to hear from anyone on how you started in your craft as an artist.  How you marketed yourself, how you got started, how you grew your market, etc... Please check out my website: www.DeanasQuiltsandMore I welcome any feedback you may have.  This is also my first every attempt at blogging!